The Secret To Make Keto Dieting Work Like A Charm

There is no doubt, the keto diet is the most effective regime for weight loss. Hardly any other diet can trigger weight loss as reliably as the keto diet can.

However, recent studies show that a lot of beginners struggle with keto dieting and often quit early on.

The reason why so many people quit is that when you start your diet, too many changes at once can feel quite unsettling and cravings, feeling tired and being tempted to indulge themselves in sugary treats.

According to a recent study up to 68% of dieters who started a keto diet quit within the first 19 days.

Study: “Inter-relationships among diet, obesity and hippocampal-dependent cognitive function” 2016 by T.L. Davidson and S.L. Hargrave

Why a personal plan will give you the edge

So what can you do to minimze the unsettling effect a sudden change in diet can have? A well thought-through personal meal plan can help you cope with difficulties when changing your eating habits.

By keeping foods that you really like in your daily meals, a personalized diet is significantly more effective. This is because familiar ingredients help preserve the joy of eating and keep you motivated to follow the new diet.

At the same time it is a good idea to avoid foods that you detest and replace them with alternatives. This will help reduce alienation when changing your nutritional habits.

Some prefer to consult a diet expert to get a personal meal plan. But an even better approach is to use an online planner for your next keto diet.

An online planner takes out the guess-work in your daily food prep and helps you avoid ambiguity which can lead to subsequent cravings.

Why a keto diet works best if planned precisely

Off-the-shelf meal plans and books often have vague description on calories and measures. In contrast, a meal plan based on your individual body data such as weight, height and age is a precise blueprint for your diet. It can more reliably trigger weight-loss while not overwhelming your body with too harsh regimes.

One common issue with keto diets is that they need to be net-negative on your caloric intake in order to reliably trigger ketosis and induce weight loss. While this sounds simple in theory, doing all the math for your specific body data is quite complicated and often leads to wrongly calculated plans which are either not effective because the caloric intake is not negative, or because the caloric intake is negative but in a range way to demanding for the body to cope with in a sustainable manner, leading to symptoms of exhaustion, tiredness and craving.

By using an online planner for you keto diet you can ensure that you have a meal plan that is precisely tailored to you and has the right caloric measures to trigger weight loss. This all, while effectively allowing your body to cope with and adjust to the new nutritional regime, and enjoy meals with ingredients that you know and love.

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